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Lannerlink – Zoë Blade’s Notebook

Aphex Scholar, friend and frequent contributor to my blog Zoë Blade has written an excellent, extensively researched and annotated article about the development of Richard’s music over the decades. This article can be found over at her website, I encourage you all to read and enjoy!


To promote the release of Richard’s double album Drukqs in 2001 a dedicated website Drukqs.net was created. This website can still be accessed today via the Internet Archive’s wayback machine. Although the website can be accessed it cannot be viewed due to the sites use of legacy software ‘Adobe Flash Player’. Flash was discontinued inContinue reading “Drukqs.net”

The Bank *updated*

(Thanks to PlunderPhuck and klip_floors for help with this article) An almost legendary topic of Aphex lore, “The Bank” refers to Richard’s former residence/studio. The Bank itself was a former branch building of HSBC located on the Newington Causeway in the SE1 postcode of South London. The Bank was demolished sometime after 2009 to makeContinue reading “The Bank *updated*”

Aphex Twin / Plastikman interview, Sweater magazine (October/November 1999)

Yet again big thanks to Michael Patterson for allowing me to use his personal scans of this article. Cheers Michael! Another big thanks go out to PlunderPhucked who transcribed this article for me. Much appreciated! Scott Sterling thought it would be cool to have AphexTwin interview Plastikman. Frankly, so did we. Aphex Twin interviews PlastikmanContinue reading “Aphex Twin / Plastikman interview, Sweater magazine (October/November 1999)”

Contemporary Reviews: 26 Mixes for Cash *Updated 29/05/2021*

Wire Magazine (March 2003) Richard James might be a chancer, but at least his latest Aphex Twin collection lays bare the mercenary machinations behind remix culture. By David Stubbs Aphex Twin 26 MIXES FOR CASH, WARP WARP102 CD Remix culture is one of the more deceptive as well as insidious upshots of post-rave culture. QuiteContinue reading “Contemporary Reviews: 26 Mixes for Cash *Updated 29/05/2021*”

Option Magazine, Aphex Twin (January/February 1994)

Thanks very much to Michael Patterson for allowing me to use his personal scans of this article to transcribe. Also many thanks again to the tireless Plunderphucked for bringing this article to my attention and supplying me with some extra material. BEAT GENERATION DANCING IN YOUR HEAD REVISITED AS TECHNO COMPLETES ITS TRANSFORMATION FROM ANContinue reading “Option Magazine, Aphex Twin (January/February 1994)”

The Coolest Record Label On Earth, NME (10th March 2001)

Many thanks to Drexciya Research Lab for sourcing this article and allowing me to reproduce it here. FROM ST IVES TO THE DEAD SEA, REPHLEX RECORDS KNOWS HOW TO PARTY HARD. AND AS THE LABEL CELEBRATES ITS 100TH RELEASE, CO-FOUNDER AND RESIDENT CREATIVE MAVERICK APHEX TWIN TELLS ITS STORY TEXT: PIERS MARTIN PHOTOGRAPHY: DAVID TITLOW Braindance hasContinue reading “The Coolest Record Label On Earth, NME (10th March 2001)”

Contemporary Reviews: Classics

In a new article format I will be sharing various media reviews of Richard’s music. Hopefully they will be of some interest and provide a bit of historical context to each release. Aphex Twin ‘Classics’ (R&S Records) – Generator Magazine January 1995 The acid-infused ‘Digeridoo’ sets the scene for this twelve-track space-cadet odyssey into theContinue reading “Contemporary Reviews: Classics”

Hangable Auto Bulb Outtakes

choirDrilll Released as a bonus track on to his webstore. Richard relates in the following quote how the master wav file/DAT tape for ‘choirDrilll’ is possibly lost forever. As unfortunate as this is, the good news is that their seems to be an abundance of other unreleased ‘Hangable Auto Bulb’ tracks still stowed away somewhere.Continue reading “Hangable Auto Bulb Outtakes”

Aphex Twin, Trance Europe Express booklet article (30th September 1993)

This article is from the booklet that came with the music compilation album Trance Europe Express. The track Richard contributed to this compilation, is interestingly a longer mix of track 11 from Analogue Bubblebath 3. On the CD, the track is simply titled ‘Analogue Bubblebath 3’. Many thanks again to Heartless##6dimensions for letting me knowContinue reading “Aphex Twin, Trance Europe Express booklet article (30th September 1993)”

Aphex Twin, Warp Factor Ten, Jockey Slut (Oct/Nov 1999)

Many thanks to Plunderphucked for sending me this article. And to Frederik from bocpages.org (the definitive Boards of Canada website) for granting me permission to reproduce this article here! APHEX TWIN DANCE MUSIC’S ULTIMATE MAVERICK GRANTS HIS LAST EVER INTERVIEW? What Warp record had the biggest influence on you? “Nightmares On Wax – ‘Dextrous’. ThatContinue reading “Aphex Twin, Warp Factor Ten, Jockey Slut (Oct/Nov 1999)”

Trance Europe Express 3 booklet article (Caustic Window,1994)

This article originates from the booklet of the techno compilation boxset Trance Europe Express 3. Many thanks again to Heartless##6dimensions for sending me the photos so I could transcribe them, Interestingly this Compilation includes the Caustic Window track Cunt, which was later released on CAT023 ‘Caustic Window LP). RAVESTOCK Feature: Helen Mead Photos: Joseph CulticeContinue reading “Trance Europe Express 3 booklet article (Caustic Window,1994)”

Analogue Bubblebath 3 Insert, (Places of interest in Cornwall)

Many thanks to Heartless##6dimensions for bringing this Aphex related artefact to my attention For further edification John Doran’s excellent Visual essay Selected Ambient Walks: Aphex Twin, Mythology & Landscape is a much more exhaustive and detailed look at the subject matters touched upon in this article. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE [Tracks 4/5 located at lock-groove] forContinue reading “Analogue Bubblebath 3 Insert, (Places of interest in Cornwall)”

Aphex Twin ‘Material World’ questionnaire, NME (17th April 1994)

Again many thanks to Drexciya Research Lab for sourcing this article and allowing me to reproduce it here. FIRST RECORD YOU OWNED? ‘Peter & The Wolf’ LAST RECORD YOU BOUGHT? ‘Belgian Rhythms 1935-40’ (includes circumcision rituals) IS IT TRUE YOU’RE AND INSOMNIAC? No. I don’t sleep out of choice WHAT CAN SEND YOU TO SLEEP? Not sleepingContinue reading “Aphex Twin ‘Material World’ questionnaire, NME (17th April 1994)”

Unselected Ambient Works (85-92) Part 2 *updated with new images*

Hello and welcome to the second part of my article detailing the outtakes from the Aphex Twin album Selected Ambient Works (85-92). The reasoning behind the exclusion of the tracks mentioned in this two part article are probably manifold. Technical considerations of the limitations presented by physical media of the time period, i.e. you canContinue reading “Unselected Ambient Works (85-92) Part 2 *updated with new images*”

MTG (Mind The Gap) and Jaws – The lost Power-Pill singles *updated*

MTG (short for Mind The Gap) and Jaws were two tracks that were intended follow ups to Richard’s Pac-Man single released under his Power-pill pseudonym. Pac-Man was released in 1992 under the Ffrreedom subsidiary label of London Records. The reasoning behind the fact these tracks were never released was explained by Richard on SoundCloud thusly:Continue reading “MTG (Mind The Gap) and Jaws – The lost Power-Pill singles *updated*”

Unselected Ambient Works (85-92) Part 1 *updated with more photos*

In this article I will attempt to detail the currently known tracks created in the same time period as Selected Ambient Works (85-92), that were ultimately not selected for the album. Most of the following tracks were uploaded to Richard’s user18081971 SoundCloud account in 2015. There are a few alternative versions of album tracks thatContinue reading “Unselected Ambient Works (85-92) Part 1 *updated with more photos*”

Aphex Twin/Chris Cunningham, It’s all gone pair shaped, NME (20th March 1999)

He’s surreal. He’s warped. He’s the Aphex Twin Text: Ted Kessler Photography/Effects: Kevin Westenberg & Chris Cunningham Aphex Twin is a lush. He’s a petty crook, a villain. He loves his mum, his dad, his sisters too. Aphex Twin never sleeps. Aphex Twin’s name is Richard James, but Richard James is dead. Aphex Twin drivesContinue reading “Aphex Twin/Chris Cunningham, It’s all gone pair shaped, NME (20th March 1999)”

Aphex Twin, Volume Interview, (14th September 1992, pre SAW)

All credit and thanks to Drexciya Research Lab for sourcing this article, explaining its origin and allowing me to reproduce it here. This interview was printed in a CD sized booklet which had interviews with all the artists on the Volume Records, CD compilation featuring Aphex Twin’s track “En Trance To Exit”. THE APHEX TWIN Where doContinue reading “Aphex Twin, Volume Interview, (14th September 1992, pre SAW)”

The Aphex Effect, Future Music Magazine (April 1993)

Following is the transcription of a personal favourite interview of mine, detailed and full of interest for dedicated listeners of Richard’s music. Usual music journalism conventions of hype and exaggeration are keep to a minimum, and factual information is brought to the fore. Enjoy! Aphex Twin Richard James’ techno and ambient electro music is ravedContinue reading “The Aphex Effect, Future Music Magazine (April 1993)”

Aphex Twin – The Boffin Superstar Elect, Select Magazine (year unknown)

For those who miss the sad state of music journalism in the 1990s, this TwinTerview should prove a pungently effective relic, with a chaser of over-the-top lad hubris. Perhaps the most interesting titbit of information is the mention of the porn video Fantasia — which Lanner Chronicle staff suspects Aphex sampled on Caustic Window‘s ‘Fantasia‘Continue reading “Aphex Twin – The Boffin Superstar Elect, Select Magazine (year unknown)”

Unreleased Demo Tapes

Many Thanks to Zoe B for transcribing the handwritten inlays of these cassettes (not an easy task!) The purpose of this article is to detail a selection of unheard (by the general public anyway) Aphex Twin Demo Tapes. The existence of these tapes has been revealed by a variety of sources such as social mediaContinue reading “Unreleased Demo Tapes”

Sonic Bubblegum

Sonic Bubblegum is an unknown Aphex Twin release mentioned in obscure 90’s newgroup posts. The references to this release all take place from late 1993/1994 (as far back as I can find…), so it could be assumed this was a temporary title for ‘Analogue Bubblebath 4’ or some other known release. Alternatively this could beContinue reading “Sonic Bubblegum”

Q:Chastic and Green Calx Picture Disc *Updated*

These two interesting Aphex oddities are mentioned as part of the Rephlex Manifesto. The manifesto was posted to Usenet newsgroups in the early 90s. Newsgroups were until fairly recent times a widely used precursor to your standard web forum/social media site Rephlex Discography – 1991/92 NCC 1701 IG-88/Voafose and Ohm Double A side 4 trackContinue reading “Q:Chastic and Green Calx Picture Disc *Updated*”

The Dice Man interview

A short but interesting interview from Richard under the alias of the The Dice Man, from the back of the Warp Records compilation album  Artificial Intelligence . Polygon Window (later released and used as an alias in itself from the album Surfing On Sine Waves) is to my knowledge the only track released under theContinue reading “The Dice Man interview”

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